ATOM segmenter
ATOM is a an AI-powered segmentation tool that can be used both for instance and semantic segmentation. It is available from the start of every project.

How it works

First, select it, either by clicking the icon
or by pressing the hot key C
When selected, click in the middle of the object/area you want to annotate.
Here we get most of our difficult-to-label lion in one click
Click on areas that you want to add to the original selection:
Here we added two more points and have an almost perfect annotation
To remove areas that you don't want included, click inside of the prediction:
Here you can see a red point - that's a "negative click" that tells the tool to remove an area
When you are happy with the selection, click "Convert" in the top bar or press "Enter" to turn your selection into an annotation.
If you misplaced a click, you can also undo - either by pressing backspace/del to remove the last point, or by pressing cmd/ctrl-z to undo your latest action.
If you want to start over without saving your selection, press "Esc" or "Reset" in the top navigation bar.
It's called ATOM because we, in internal testing, kept testing it by clicking round shapes. The end result often looked like an atom. We do have an employee with a doctorate in Physics - he is slightly skeptical of the name.
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How it works